Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jennifer Hudson and Dreamgirls

Jen and I went to see Dreamgirls shortly after it's opening in theatres and were pleasantly surprised to see such a mixed audience. We got there early enough to get midway center seats which imho are the best. The movie moved along quite well, but I think somewhere in everyone's mind was this sense of courteous patience, waiting for Jennifer to sing Jennifer Holiday's redention of And I am Telling You. I tell you it was such a trip that as soon as she finished the moment came...the entire theatre broke out in a thunderous applause. I think I even cried. Can't remember if Jen did or not, but perhaps.

I guess there's there this feeling of joy, happiness for humble circumstances, for Jennifer's fortitude and having a "never give up" attitude. It's quite inspiring. I'm happy for Jennifer and hope and pray she has a beautiful successful career. Now, my question is, did the audience you sat in during the movie applaud after she finished? I'd be surprised if they didn't. Let me know.

You wanna be dazzled, see her performing I am Changing on Youtube , The Letterman interview, and the interview with hosts of The View, before they're pulled. Congrats to Jennifer Hudson on her Golden Globe Award and I pray continued success for her future endeavors! More pictures of Jennifer can be viewed at

My two favorite songs she sings are And I Am Telling you, of course and Love You I Do. Enjoy!


Creyole said...

WONDERFUL Jennifer Hudson tribute!! I totally enjoyed on this peaceful snow day!

Mel said...

It's over here from Feb 2nd - I am looking forward to seeing it! It was great to wake up yesterday morning and hear that JH had won the Golden Globe.

BlaqKofi said...

Great post Maryee. I'm going to see DG as soon as I can get outta dis house (weather and all). I didn't even watch your YouTube version of Jennifer's performance. I want to initially see it in all its largeness on the big screen. I already know I'mo cry so you can go ahead and tally up my vote now.

I was moved by her GG acceptance speech and I'm truly proud and happy for her. I liked the fact that so many AA actors received awards and were in attendance at the GG on MLK's Holiday. It is a very historical time in young, AA Hollywood...a time we will remember and shar with our children and grandchildren. We should be proud.

locizm said...

a few of my coworkers and i detoured to see this move as we were on our way to check on one of our sites, lol. after JH sang, there was thunderous applause and not a dry eye in the theater. her performance was outstanding considering her experience. it was a great show!

Chosen Vessel said...

Great post! I am happy for Jennifer also, she is an inspiration. Now when me and my husband went to see it and she sang "THE SONG" just awesome, I heard some faint applause but not much. I think more people wanted to clap but maybe were uncomfortable.

Maryee said...

Thanks Creyole,
I hope she wins an Oscar!

Do you mean the show won't air until Feb 2nd? Is it delayed in London? Just curious.

Hope you enjoy it when you see it! Let me know what you think. Oh, and the videos in this post aren't from the actual movie. The "And I am Telling You" is a slide show with still photos from the movie with Jennifer singing in the background.

Locizm, Jen and I did cry! It was worth the drive to see it! History in the making!

Chosen Vessel,
Jennifer has been doing a fairly good job handling all this success. She's seems so down to earth. Wishing her well in her blossoming career!