Monday, January 01, 2007

Maryee's Shadow, Miss Tiana

I guess it may be because I don't have children that I love them so much. I'd just met Tiana Christmas day and after she had a long nap, she was spry and ready to hang out. Somehow she took to me and I found out she was mimicking everything I was doing. This two year old is quick, smart and witty! I was having so much fun with her, we had to get it captured on tape. Isn't she the cutest? Thanks Sheryl for sharing your sweet baby with me!


locizm said...

omg she is the cutiest qtpie!!!!!and your hair is slammin :-) peace.

Goodnapps said...

Bless her heart. She is too cute!

Maryee said...

Hey Locizm and Tanya, Thanks! Her mom was putting my hair back up when Tiana wanted to continue playing with me. She is so cute and smart. We watch this daily just to smile and get a good laugh! I hate it may be a whole year before I see her again! I'm sure she'll be smarter and even quicker on her feet. Take care!!

BlaqKofi said...

Maryee, your videos are just awesome and so are your young subjects. I've been researching the Casio Exlim all evening and was just logging when I decided to check out your sight. Seeing the quality of your pics and videos has me sold! Thanks so much for sharing.

Maryee said...

Hey Blaq,

I think you'll be pleased! I loved my best!

I do have a good time using the
Z-700. Both have great features where you'll get good pictures and a pretty decent video.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

I LOVE THIS! This little girl is adorable and your hair is gorgeous! I am going to stop blogging right now and go play with my twins, who are climbing all over my chair a I am writing this blog! Thanks for sharing!

Sis. RJQueen10