Friday, August 15, 2008

Kalee's getting married!

Jen and I are heading to Houston/Galveston for my god daughter's wedding on Saturday.
The older picture was taken almost 8 years ago when I had my 1st and last two-strand twists. I was so nervous heading home to Houston from Sacramento when I got my hair done. Everyone was used to me having braids in my hair alll the time. Of course three years later I got me some Sisterlocks. More updates when we return. Wish us safe traveling grace, please.


euphoria said...

many blessed years to your god daughter and many safe returns to you and yours.

Allecia said...

Enjoy the wedding. Your god daughter will be such a beautiful bride. And looking forward to seeing your photography skills in action!

Maryee said...

Thanks Euphoria! Jen and I made it there and back safely and enjoyed time with family and friends. I miss Houston!


I actually didn't take and "pro-sumer" shots. She didn't want me "working" the wedding, but to sit back and enjoy it, which is what I did. It felt weird "not" to be running around and in charge of something, but I managed. I'll upload some pics after I get past this 1st week of school.

Thanks for stopping ladies!

N'Drea said...

Looking forward to see the pics. Glad you had a wonderful time.

La Reine said...

Congrats to her and stay blessed!

Maryee said...

N'drea and La reine,

Thanks for your well wishes for my Kalee and Mark. They are now two whole weeks into their lifelong journey as husband and wife and I couldn't be happier for them.