Sunday, August 06, 2006

Heat written 7-18-06

It’s 105 today 2pm
The sun blinds my eyes and I don’t want to look up
The thought of moving into it’s rays sucks the very life out of me
Inhaling is like depositing a cake to be baked into a 350 degree oven
Exhaling is like blowing out candles on Grandpa’s 95th Birthday cake
The ten minute drive home seems to take an eternity
And this invisible wildfire puts my mind in a state of emergency.
Heat 2:20pm
I drive my dad’s car cause mine is broken. Something about a wire
That keeps draining the battery and the car just won’t start anymore.
His car is a stick shift. I still remember how to drive. Smooth as butter.
So I drop by and see my niece and we sit a minute too long in the car while it’s idling.
The radiator immediately overheats and my black polyester skirt and top
With black-heeled mules didn’t plan for all this and I think I might be
pushing this clunker off the side of the road when the fan belt finally snaps.
Pissssssssssshhh! The air conditioner busts and I race into a panic believing I might die of suffocation with the driver’s seat window broken. I can’t even roll it down. I call Dad and he gives me solutions.
And then he tells me the gas gauge is broken, as well. So half full, really means empty.
Did I mention it’s now 106 today? Heat 3:00pm
Sprinklers jutting out from the lawn of the house across the street from the laundry mat on Bellmead Drive splash a healthy amount of water on the thirsty concrete. And the sidewalk is thankful. A dozen black birds find recourse with the nearest live oak trees. Cause you know black attracts heat. I then take a deep plunge in to the sky blue pool to find a quenching cool; well, only in my thoughts.

Heat 3:19pm
Scarching Marching
Heat 3:27pm
Frying in a pan
Dying to get a break
Sweat browing
Flinging drips and drops from my drenched forehead
Beating pounding
Dirt drying hard and crusty on the ground
And I feel as if the air don’t care
Choking me out
And I hope and pray tomorrow will be a much cooler day

The one I ordered was Sugar Free Blue Coconut. Umm Umm Good!
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Detra said...

go head gurl friend, write that true to life poem, I feel the heat too, hold on chile hold is so funny that you wrote about the car with no air, I took a grocery run with my hubby in our 2nd car that has no air, and honey chile, I couldnt breathe the air was so hot, LMAO, he was laughing at me so hard, gurl made me wanna take the car to the chop shop and never ever see it again!

Detra said...

shoot the heat got me off track, I ment to say, I love your artisic talent with the pics, so very cool, I cant wait for us to have another gathering, so you can take some cool pics of me! LOL...j/k

Maryee said...


Girl you are funny!!!!!! Since the heat hasn't let up in Waco or Texas for that matter, I decided to go ahead and post my poem and add some "accent" pics. I actually have written about 3 "Heat" poems this Summer. Looking forward to taking some fun shots when we get together!! Take care!!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

What a delightful short story. I enjoyed everry funny minute of it. And oh how I can relate.

KDL said...

I love this. Somebody must have told you about the GA heat, 'cause that's exactly what it sounds like you're describing. I had to share this one with my friends...

Maryee said...

Thanks Katika. The bad thing about it is, it still hasn't let up yet. It was HOT this past week and yesterday was ugghhleeee! Stay cool!