Monday, June 12, 2006

Maryee and Jen updated pics

Taken 6-11-06
Watch out now!!!
Jen and I are at our 30 month (2 1/2 yr) mark. I was locked 11-28-03 and Jen 12-13-03. It has been such an exciting journey for the both of us, mixed with more ups than downs. My stress level has actually gone down considerable since getting locked. Cause I promise you, I've lived a full 30+ yrs of hair care drama until getting Sisterlocks. I am sure I would have had high blood pressure by now considering most everyone on both sides of my family (mom and dad included) have hypertension. If you aren't familiar with it's deadly effects on Blacks, I'd suggest you click on the link above.

As you can see there has been tremendous growth, in more ways than one. As a matter of fact, for me this has been the longest my hair has ever been in my life. I always knew I had it in me (he he), but when you are a child and you have no control over the maintenance of your hair, you well, submit to what's given to you, right? Then when it was time to "take control" of my hair, I was rather ignorant of the "how-to"s of it all. Like India.Arie said in her song, I Am Not My Hair, I called myself getting a perm at 15 and by the Spring of the next year, it had all fallen out, thus forcing me back into a Jherri Curl and only 1 inch of hair for the beautician to work with. I'll have to upload pics later. Not to mention, I'd already suffered during my formative years under being misidentified as a "cute little boy". That does a lot for the self esteem doesn't it?

I'm getting closer and closer to my "summer ponytail", but I shant fret. Patience is a virtue they tell me. It's all good. I do think I need to get one of Denise Reed's loc socs Leighann and others have spoken about. I promise to post some fun and interesting stuff here real soon.

Last week was a major transition week. Jen and I found out we can't substitute teach over the summer because we're not "certified" to teach. With the No Child Left Behind Act and all they want more than just college educated folks teaching today's youth. They want proof you got some kind of training to reach and teach young people. When you read my guestbook of students who've visited my website, you'd have to wonder if certification means expertise. hmmm?? It's all good.

So we've been hanging out a lot at Beatnix Coffeehouse hosting Open Mic Poetry and staying Creative. I need to be listing more stuff to sell at Sweet Pea's Corner on Ebay, clearing out all these books, reading more, working on my soundclick and of course writing more. And I by day.

Well, I'll leave you for now. Check back soon or visit my fotki album. There's some updated pics there, well a few anyway. Thanks B for the nudge!


brunsli said...

I was so excited to see "Maryee" light up in my bloglines, s how can you do this to us? You don't post in what seems like forever, and then spring this photo of you and Jen with all this beautiful hair (and growth!)on us without so much as a description!!

;) Happy you're back.

Joy said...

Two sisters with sisterlocks. That's cute.

Maryee said...

Hey Brunsli,
I posted that pretty late last night so I didn't have the energy to add a blurb. There should be plenty to read now. :-)

I have a new computer but have yet to go ahead and download picasa which I miss terribly!!! Wish me well in my decision. It's getting close!

Thanks Joy for your sweet compliment.

Take care ladies!

brunsli said...

I'm a bad blogging influence, I know! ;)

Leighann said...

Looking Good!! Please don't stay away so long.

Avra Tucker said...


Okay does Jen also have a blogger page?? Because I have either been to her page or your page before, lol.

Thanks for the comments :).

Avra Tucker

Maryee said...

Hey Leighann,

Such nice pics and updates from the NY excursion! I'll be trying to update more often.

Maryee said...


Jen does have a lock blog: It's

There's more blogs in the Locked Hair Blog Exchange:

Detra said...

what can I say?!!!! You both look GREAT and the hair growth is almost unbelievable. Do either of you take any supplements that are good for the hair like Biotin? I dont know much about it, just heard about it on the Groups. I'm satisfied with my growth process, but I am becoming increasing concerned about breakage due to thin hair beds as well.

Maryee said...

Hey Detra,

Thanks for the compliments. :-) I sometimes think Jen's hair is longer than mine, but it's all good!!! No we don't take any Biotin. I'll have to look into Biotin. I really don't need hair growth per se all over my head as much as I'd like my thinning part on top to get some hair growing. I think and believe a nice sized root bed produces a nice strong healthy lock. IMHO!!! We'll see!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Hot dog!!! Ya'll look so darn cute. Ok, it's time for another DFW/Waco get together. I miss you both.

Maryee said...

Thanks LaChanda,

Jen, Felicia and I will be in town on the 18th to all get a retightening from the fabulous Ms. Gigi! Perhaps you can drop by during lunch. Holla back!