Sunday, June 18, 2006

Experimenting and Pondering Changes

I thought I'd add some pictures taken within the last week of me experimenting with my camera's continuous shot feature. It's so cool. It takes 25 shots in 5 seconds. You can read more about the camera here. **I didn't pay that much for it, believe me. I got a major holiday hook-up and paid only $134 for it at The Sharper Image in Baybrook Mall while in Houston after Christmas.
Jen also took some pictures of me with my hair in it's free style state.
I think I'm gonna do something curly coming up here real soon. I just need to retighten one patch that's got me down and out. The root beds are so small and fragile (in my humble opinion anyway) that I am just not motivated to fool with em'. Jen suggested I go ahead and make an appointment with GiGi. I'm really considering it cause I also am seriously thinking about two things: #1 combining my locks so I'll have thicker locks and also a thicker root bed, and #2, coloring my hair. Ree-C got me all "lock envy'd up" with her full color and thickness. It's just beee-au-tiful!!!!
My girl Dread_Princess on Fotki has shown me that you can do major styling with thicker locks. Her locks are just fabulous!!!! I mean it! Well, off to bed I go. I have a much needed dentist appointment in the morning. Wish me well!!


Leighann said...

And now I want a new camera too! :-) Sisterlocks should not add to your stress. Go on in and see Mz. Gigi!I met her in NY. She is so nice and her locks are fabulous.

Detra said...

now that's a camera!!!!! Can wait till a next gathering so I can play too! I agree with Jen, go see Gigi, you owe it to yourself. She is my regular consultant now, and she is so warm and professional. She'll take care of you well. Let me know what you decide to do with the combining locks, I havent had any issues with breakage yet, but I am concerned because some of my loc's are very very thin.

Anonymous said...

Hey chick...I love the collage of you outside swinging your locs and throwing your head back in glory...that is awesome!

As for the appt. Jen and everyone is right...let a professional put your mind at know Gigi can do it (-:


Maryee said...

Thanks Leighann,

Technology is something else! I bought this camera at Christmas and they are already up to 10 mpx. You guys will be seeing some more features real soon. Glad you were able to meet GiGi. She is sweet as apple pie!


Yeah, I'm gonna go see my GiGi. I don't mind my locks being thicker. I just want larger root beds. We'll see. I'll keep ya posted.


Girl, you're funny! Jen and I were playing and I thought that picture was kind of fun. I'm gonna see when my girl Felicia is heading up to get her retightening from Ms. GiGi and see if I can tag a ride. I'll keep ya'll posted on what we come up with.


You have so many God given talent thanks for sharing them with your loc family. Can I get that camera?

Maryee said...

Thanks lady! Yes, for a couple of hundred. Check out a review on it here:

It's nice!! Take care!!