Saturday, October 31, 2009

HTT - Hair to There and that girl is 39

To think that I've been so busy as to not mention my 39th birthday, which was on the 9th of this month is just plain sad! I went to work that day and my students sang happy birthday to me in every class. Some made me hand made cards and brought me gifts. They are just too sweet!!! We'll I'm well on my way and all is chugging right along this school year. Sixth graders are a unique age group. They are coming into finding their identity and enjoying freedoms middle school provides. They also remind me of how I'm getting older. I consider them my kids because I'm old enough to be their mothers. I think in some ways they think of me as such. Some even tell me that some of the stuff I say is what their mom would say. The mantra is, love your students and they will love you back. I concur. Thank you Dr. Michael Wesch and especially your wife Sarah.

OAN, Jen's got her own updates, she's hopefully posting on her blog soon, but I wanted to post a few pics and discuss this Hair To There or aka, HTT. I must admit, I was used to having other peoples HTT for years, but to have my own has got me really thinking what is this all about. Next month will make 6 yrs of me having Sisterlocks and it has been an amazing 6yrs.

But as my locks grow longer and longer, I can't imagine how ladies who have longer Sisterlocks even manage. I'm curious about those who think having HTT is what this journey is all about. I must admit, I NEVER in a million years would have thought my hair could grow this long, EVER! But, in the same breath, I truly miss having a length that could be shampooed, rolled and styled a lot faster and would last a lot longer. I don't know. I'm curious to hear from those who are on the quest to having their locks grown down their backs. I'll post more later.


Yahvinah said...

I swear I just had this cocnversation today with my husband... I told him as soon as it gets too heavy and too hot, Im going to start cutting into it, all I want as far as length is a neat ponytail, Once I have that, I don't need any more. I could not imagine having hair to my butt! I had some extensions to the middle of my back and that was murder for me, so hard to sleep :P

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

First Happy late Birth Day!! & Because I haven't had hair down my back since Jerri curl days I would go ahead & rock it & I already said I would start going to the salon for my sets and shampoos so the perm heads can envy me in all my NATURAL glory. LOL!!!

S0uthernGirl said...

Happy birthday!

I just had this conversation with my cousin the other day. My locks are shoulder length and I've had thoughts of cutting them several times already. I'm trying to resist and let them ge to bra strap length before doing any cutting.

Maryee said...


The summers and hot days are brutal. Shampooing is a big ordeal, too because long wet locks=heavy wet locks. My locks stay in a top pony all the time, especially when it is time for bed. We'll see.


I think that's a great idea! I need to go to a salon here and have them shampoo and roller set me. I am in need of some good ole pampering. And sorry about the vacation drama~ Girl you could write a book!!


Jen and I talk about cutting our locks often. Hers is just as long as mine. Bra-strap length is amazing, and definitely for me, hard to believe.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

dewdrop said...

Happy belated birthday! I shared similar thoughts about this on my blog and i'm glad that you mentioned this because i'm one of those people who is curious about HTT. One of my goals is to see how long my can locks grow, preferably to my waist or mid-back, but that's about it just because i'm curious.

sunsail said...

damn girl, I blinked and your hair grew a foot! Looks wonderful! My locks are should length now and still manageable... I think I'll go to BSL and see what happens from there. :)

Cluizel said...

Happy Belated!

Jeez...Your hair is so long! I always said I would let my hair get waist length but the longer it goes I think I might just get to BSL and call it a day

Maryee said...


Thanks, Sis! I thought you blogged about the subject. I'll have to visit you again over the holiday to re-read what you shared. The HTT is quite interesting and not like having OPH on your head. LOL Just know that the styling becomes super limited and unless you do small bantu knots (see my Sept pics), what ever curl you have will not last long at all. I'll be watching you to see how far you can go!


Girl, as usual, you make me laugh when you drop by and comment! I say, grow til you can't take no mo! Wishing you all the best in your upcoming nuptial!


Weird huh? It's funny because I thought I was too hot to trot at year 2! HA! BSL is where I am, so I need to do some reflecting as I hit that big 6!!!

Thanks for stopping by ladies!!!!!

Goodnapps said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! As usual, another excellent thought provoking post. I remember wanting HTT with my locks so bad before I SL'd. Now 4.5 yrs into the journey, I love the length. But the extra maintenance I can do without. Oh how I miss a good deep conditioning. Oh how I miss shampoos every two weeks..LOL!
I threatened to cut them shorter at the beginning of 2010. But I will probaby wait it out for one more year. I've combined quite a few a will need to adjust that first. So if I make it to 5yrs without cutting, that will be good enough for me.

Maryee said...

Hey Goodnapps,

Thank you! You are telling the truth. I have two AA students who are sisters. Their hair is HTT because their mother appears to be mixed. When I say their hair is all the way down their back, it is! They are only 11 years old, but I'm sure they are conflicted because they have what many other little AA girls want HTT! But as funny as it seems, I believe they too know that the hair doesn't make the person. I may ask them how they feel about their hair and blog about it soon.

I agree with all you say about the maintenance and hassle with having longer locks. I just don't know how Dr. Cornwell does it. Well, I'll be by your blog soon! Stay blessed!