Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Sony said...

This is a great resource Maryee, thanks for uploading it. As usual, your site is so helpful ; )

Jenn Jenn said...

I love your hair !!!! How do you create your collages?? I would like to with a set of pics I have... And am not that savvy yet..

Jenn Jenn

Maryee said...

Hey Sony,

You're in the fam now and I'm loving your Sisterlocks!!!!! I'll be by to see ya soon, soror!!

Jenn Jenn,

Thanks! Most of my collages are created in google picasa. Just do a google search for it and then download the free software. It's quite fun! Once you have the program installed on your computer, you can post the pictures directly to your blog. It's nice!!! Photobucket makes collages also after you have uploaded the pics to your account. It's called "slideshow". I love photo bucket and am a "pro" member. Regular members have lots a benefits for free. Check it out!



ja stu sister lock journey said...

Sometime ago i sent u an email re start up for blogging, still waters, my daughter helped me and I am on my way.I am counting down to have my sister locks done.Iwill keep in touch.

Zaharah said...

Hi Mary. :o) You've been tagged. Please go to my blog for more information.

cheleski68 said...

hey this is cool-am i in the exchange yet or not?lol!!!! is you classrom all dolled up for your first day? next week is it??? pos vibes to ya!

Maryee said...

Ja Stu,

In a few months you'll be celebrating a year! Can you believe it?? I'll be by to check out your blog today.


I promise I will respond to the tag before the clock strikes midnight in 2007. I'm bad...


I did the best I could in getting my room ready. I've changed it a couple of times since. The kids seem to love it. I have more changes in store for the Spring. Thanks for the positive vibes.

Jena Evans said...

More update pics, please!

DivineKinkz said...

Hi Marryee I sent you an email a while ago. i love the blogs on the locked blog exchange and was interested in joining since I just started my loc journey. Thanks

dewdrop said...

Beautiful photos! Did you order that hair accessory from an infomercial? I saw the same exact hair accessory like the one you are wearing during a tv infomercial and I thought, "Oh, what about people with fro's and locks eh???" Well, I guess you proved me wrong. lol!

Maryee said...


I sent you an email. Please respond. Thanks!


Yes, ladies with locks can use them. They are called HairZings. Please visit for more information. I have a brown one as well. If time permits, I'll add a video showing some of the styles you can do with it. Happy New year!!