Friday, June 15, 2007

PPR Exam tomorrow

Greetings blog family,

I just wanted to drop by and send a quick note and request for prayers for me. Tomorrow at 2pm, I take the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Exam at Baylor for my alternative teacher's certification program. I'm ready to take it and get it behind me. I've been busy as a bee studying and trying to catch up on various tasks since my trip to NY for my cousin's graduation, which was wonderful. I have lots to update everyone on and lots of emails off line to respond to. So, if you think of me, just send up a prayer or even think good thoughts! Those are welcomed, too! I will get the results back on line July 7th! So I'll be checking their website to find out if I passed.

The picture of me is in front of the flagship Carol's Daughter. Since I only had carry on bags for the trip, I could only purchase items under 4 oz. I ended up getting the 2 oz. sizes of the Lemongrass and Geranium Toner and Khoret Amen Hair Oil,

I wanted to get the Wash Away the Oil Gentle Face Wash but they were out. Bummer. I used some of my cousin's and it made my face feel so clean and fresh. I called Creyole while I was there and she said I could pick up what ever I didn't get here at Macy's when we road trip to Dallas again. With that I was well pleased.

**Carol's Daughter can be found at Sephora in the DFW area. Thanks Creyole!!***


Goodnapps said...

I'm rooting for ya. Beautiful photo!

Kinky Awakenings said...

Hey Mary!

Its me Locizm under a new name.

I pray you nothing less than success in passing your exam tomorrow!


Creyole said...

I trust you will pass with flying colors!

By the way, we must have had a bad connection, you ca get the CD products at Seporhia in the Gallerica. They carry the full line.

sunsail said...

Well, this is a bit late, but I'm sure you passed with flying colors!! :

Chi-chi said...

I didn't know they were at Macy's. I'll check that out. I hope your exam went well. It's over now amen! I hope everything goes well from here on out.

Thanks for posting on my niece's blog. She's an introvert so its nice to see this side of her.

Take care,

Chi-chi said...

My bad, I'll check sephora!


MEE said...

Hey everybody! Thanks for sending up prayers and well wishes. I'm so glad I'm done with that exam. I'll update everyone with results when I get them.

I imagined Carol's Daughter would expand their marketshare since they have some big name stars on their ticket. Where ever ya'll find em' make sure you blog about it. Support Sista owned businesses!!!! :-)


cheleskilove said...

Macys WHAT I am so in there. Let us know when you bust out those numbers!!!!!!

Maryee said...

Thanks Chele,

I'm glad I posted about Macy's. Look at Carol's Daughter...***Singing*** Well we're moving on up....

Aya said...

Hi Maryee: I'm sure you have already taken your exams by now, but I hope you did well. Also, thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy getting to know new people on the sl blog. I will be spending time reading through your posts. So you know Akilah? She is awesome. I'll be sure to mention you at my next retightening.

Peace and Blessings

Anonymous said...

Hey, any word on the exam? Did you take it on the computer or paper test?

I understand the anxiety about waiting. I took mine back in January on the computer and I wasn't clear if my score was passing on the computer or not, so i still had to wait to get my official results in the mail.

Good luck and I am sure you did great!

Maryee said...

Hey Aya,

Akilah may not know me because it was so long ago. I found a pic I need to scan of my hair when I got it done there. When I head back to Sac, I'll look ya up!


I took the paper test, so the results will be available on line on July 7th. I had a friend who did hers at Sylvan and had the same concerns you did. She found out she passed but wanted to know for sure by the official record. I wish you well in your upcoming appointment to join the fabulous SL family. Your mom's SLs are gorgeous! Blessings!

Thanks for the well wishes, ladies. I'll let ya'll know how I did soon!

Aya said...

Maryee, I got a chance to review your blog from beginning to end. Reading the posts put a smile on my face. I liked the post about thinning locks (1/06/05. I'm currently going through that and have been troubled some. The Indie Arie video was so cool, and liked reading on the progress of you and your sister. Your writing style is entertaining. I'd love to hook up if you ever come to Sacramento. oh, and your locks are beautiful. Take care,

Jena Evans said...

Tagging you!

Be blessed~

Maryee said...


Thanks for dropping back by. Glad to know you enjoy reading my blog. I hope you get some answers for your thinning locks problem. I've kinda learned to just accept what I can't change. I'm glad India's video is still up. Sometimes they delete them from youtube. Thanks for the invite to Sactown! :-)


OK. I've already been tagged, but I'll get to it, soon!