Sunday, August 07, 2005

Updo Pictures and post

August 7th post:

I finally have some pictures to share of my locks after I retightened em', bantu'd em' and updo'd em'. Hope you like them. This was fun! I always envisioned my hair in an updo or french roll when I get married (ok, I am not even in a relationship). But nonetheless, I knew how cute it would look with the hair ringling down the sides of my face and my hair wrapped up in the back. Well, with the help of my mom, we gave it a shot. For those of you who don't know, I got my hair dyed two days before I got my hair Sisterlocked. So all the darker hair is new growth since 11-28-03. Let me know what you think!

Blaqkofi says...

Beautiful locks, Maryee. It looks like you did an excellent job with
your first retightening. The bantu knots and updo are beautiful. Your
pics gives me more of an idea what my hair will look like at 20
months. I also colored my hair right before I got my locks.
Thanks for sharing.

SL'd 8wks

Leighann says...

Mary, Your locks look beautiful! The bantu knots are such a great set. It looks wonderful. And that up do... NICE! very elegant. Now we just gotta get you down the aisle so we can show it off even more! :-)

Leighann sld 4 years 1m 8d

Maryee says...


Thanks for the kind compliments! I love heading over to your
blogspot and website just for inspiration and a smile! My sister
was like, "You want your hair long like Leighann's huh?" I was
like, "yep!". When I had braids if it wasn't in a bob it was in a
ponytail. I like the the longer length and can't wait to have it
all be mine and not store bought.

Now, about this husband, please send him to my website first, so he can be clear of what I'm all about! :-)
If he's up for the challenge, he'll know what to do. :-)
I already know that when the BIG day comes, my future husband will be
mesmerized by his glowing bride! The best is yet to come!


Sisterlocked 20 months

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P J Lipscomb said...

Hi sis! I love you blog. I have been following you way before I got my SL installed. You've been a blessing! I noticed some of your great ads and checked them out! Please visit my blog too. It is kind of new! Pam