Sunday, October 31, 2004

11 Months Sisterlocks and Still Lovin' It!

Posted in Lockitup:

See, I am just loving this journey. What can I say, but thank you
Lord for Sisterlocks! Thank you Lord, for Dr. Cornwell, Pat Hunley's
website, and LockitUP! OH, and thank you Lord for Imani Nash-Bey, my
consultant! This has truly been a blessing learning so
much about my hair, myself, and meeting on line and in person so many
strong and beautiful women and men of color. You have been the

I saw this lady at a church in Temecula, Ca last weekend who had
blondish color Sisterlocks and they were slammin'. She was dancing
and praising the Lord, with her locks mesmerizing all who looked on.
She said was in year number 2. I'm looking forward to coloring my hair,
but I have gotten used to the two-toned look. My sister Jen is
enjoying her locks as well. Take care!


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