Thursday, July 29, 2004

Maryee's at 8 months! Jen Close behind

Posted In Lockitup:

I've been lurking on the group for the past few months and totally
enjoying the "spoilage" of having Sisterlocks. "Bad hair days"?
Only if I agree or submit to the idea. Rainy day today? I say,

Since getting mine 11-28-03, my sister has some (she'll make 7
months on Friday), and a friend of mine from church got hers on
Memorial Day! Needless to say, we're the "buzz" around church I
suspect. Anyway, I wanted to send the link with some updated pics.
I will send another one a little later with my sister's locks. I
swear her hair is outgrowing mine, but you can judge for yourself
when you see her pictures compared to mine. But I won't hate, I'll
congratulate! :-)

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