Wednesday, December 10, 2003

My first message to the Lockitup Yahoo group

Hey SL/BL family,

I joined the family on November 28th and I just signed up to Lockitup
last night, shall I say. Sandy, thanks for your yahoo group. I
finally figured out how to upload the pictures from my mini dvd to my
computer. It's only a mere 11 days worth of Journey, but I thought
it would be nice to share. I think I will use the yahoo photos to
document the "growth".

Thanks to Imani of Pomona, Ca for hookin' a sistah up!! It took
right under 8 hours. My sister and I see her in the morning for her
consultation. I'd say, Sisterlocks can be contagious. My sister saw
my attitude and spirit change (for the better) once I got my
Sisterlocks! It was three years in the making (time, money, and the
right consultant), but I'm in, Praise God!

I received many compliments already and sistahs are inquiring about
the Sisterlock process. It appears that there are a lot of sistahs
who want to be chemically, weave, braid, etc. free, but may have a
fear of taking the big step! Me, I'm just thrilled to not
have "other People's hair" in my head anymore!!! So, shout back and
let me know what you think. I hope you are able to see the pics. Let
me know if you have trouble. Peace and blessings!

Most of the pics from my beginning stages are here on the blog or on my fotki account.

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