Thursday, January 02, 2014

Maryee's Video of Innutra UTurn Results

OK, I'm about to Skype a natural friend of mines in a few minutes and wanted to at least post this video I took this morning so those inquiring can see a "live" visual of my hair growth.  Now in the video, please remember, I used the product focusing on my crown, the front and edges.  The rest of my hair I have NEVER had problems growing.  It is the "sick" areas where the problem has been for years. 

I would like to host a Google Hang Out, so those of you interested in joining me, please add me to your circle or how ever that works!  LOL  So much to learn.  But I'm willing to help in any way.  So here goes!  Post your questions here and feel free to share my blog link with friends, family, hair stylists, braiders, barbers, etc. 

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